About Us

Our Mission

In the car or on the course, we are driven to build Rally as a sport and community in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Through an inclusive multi-level race series, educational opportunities and strong partnerships, we are sharing our love of racing with the world.

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Bringing bespoke cars from concept to reality has been my life and career since I was a kid.  My first build (in high school) was a 1969 Volkswagen Squareback – I slammed it.  I thought it was cool but quickly discovered that it was really just a huge pain.  So I sold it to buy and build a 1972 Datsun 510. I made that car into a really fast street piece and realized that I was here to make fast cars.

I stumbled across RallyCross when tuning a WRX swapped GC8 Subaru for a client.  He told me he was prepping for an event so, just for fun, I took some time to head to Portland, OR to watch him race.  Once I watched my first RX, I knew that I needed to get a car together for myself and get into the sport.  After a year of racing regionally in Oregon and towing across the country for the National Championship, I realized that we needed to open the sport up to more of the Pacific Northwest.

RallySprint was brought into the mix because I heard about it through the grapevine (aka rumor mill) as a series that used to exist and started to do some digging.  As it turns out, Sprints were a way to race at higher speeds on more complex courses without having to get into Stage Rally.

Thankfully, DirtFish Rally School was looking for ways to get more involved in the local racing community and they were the perfect partner for launching Northwest Rally Sprint.  Our first event had 450 people attend, in the worst weather conditions possible, and I knew we were onto something.

We are entering into our 2nd full year of racing and I am continually delighted by the enthusiasm, support and tenacity of the Rally community.

The most fascinating part of this adventure is that you can take on as much responsibility as you are willing and affect as much change as you are able.  Being on the SCCA board, contributing and sharing ideas to help grow the sport has motivated me to make our series bigger and better.  I’m all in.


I offered to help Kito with his first RallySprint and the rest, as they say, is history.

The Rally community draws you in and gets you hooked, whether you like it or not. My background is not in the automotive world and I do not race cars (that’s a story for another day) but I am committed to creating ways for everyone to get involved in the sport, advance their skills and have a great time.

A tech Program Manager by day, I spend my evenings and weekends planning NWRA events, getting the word out and partnering with awesome companies to make our series the best it can be.

< and because Kito’s bio is far more lengthy than mine, I’ll share a little insight into the life we share.

Kito races cars.  I race ME! I am a committed endurance junkie – triathlons, marathons and everything in between.

But, because I am the better half, I have RallyCrossed (and I co-founded NWRA).  Has Kito ever done a marathon?  Triathlon? 5k? Nope. His excuse: “I use my power to control speed, not create it.”

That’s witty and all but starting now, I will be promoting a campaign called #KitoRuns.

Since starting the NWRA, we have met incredible people, worked far harder than we thought we would need to, reached some big goals and dealt with setbacks. As we continue to grow, we invite your feedback, suggestions and of course, would love it if you volunteered at our events! Hit us up at info@nwrallyassociation.com.