About Us

Our Mission

In the car or on the course, we are driven to build Rally as a sport and community in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Through an inclusive multi-level race series, educational opportunities and strong partnerships, we are sharing our love of racing with the world.

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Bringing bespoke cars from concept to reality has been my life and career since I was a kid. My first build was in high school (a 1969 Volkswagen Squareback) and I have never looked back.

I stumbled across RallyCross when tuning a WRX swapped GC8 Subaru for a client. He told me he was prepping for an event so I took some time to head to Oregon and watch him race.  At that first RallyCross, I knew that I needed to get a car together for myself and get out there.

Without any events here in Seattle, I spent my first year of RallyCross racing regionally in Oregon and towing across the country for National competition.  I knew that we needed to open the sport up to more of the Pacific Northwest and decided to take the plunge and start Northwest Rally Association. It was a great opportunity to bring new people into the rally community here and revive RallySprints.

We are entering into our 3rd year of racing and I am continually delighted by the enthusiasm, support and tenacity of the Rally community.


I offered to help Kito with his first RallySprint and the rest, as they say, is history.

Our first event was in early December during a period of particularly bad weather. We found out just days before that the race would likely be cancelled due to flooding. We were on the edge of our seats right up until the last minute when we heard that the water had drained and we were cleared to race!

Having been to many RallyCross races with Kito, I knew that the community was incredible but I was not prepared for the energy and excitement that everyone brought that day. Our volunteers were soaked and freezing yet asking when they could help at the next event (I think you get delusional when you have frostbite…). After that, deciding to move forward with a full RallyCross and RallySprint series was a no-brainer.

My goal is to make sure that we are fulfilling our mission in creative, interesting ways and making the sport accessible to anyone who wants to be a part of it.

Since starting the NWRA, we have met incredible people, worked far harder than we thought we would need to, reached some big goals and dealt with setbacks. As we continue to grow, we invite your feedback, suggestions and of course, would love it if you volunteered at our events! Hit us up at info@nwrallyassociation.com.